Saturday, August 1, 2009

He'll be visiting...

Now, things are going super well. He's coming to visit next week. Oh, did I spring this upon ya? Sorry. He bought his ticket a month ago and I was very shocked too. I did not believe him and he had to send me his itinerary to shown me that he actually bought the ticket to come see me.
He was surprised that I was acting all amazed about this. So I told him that I have been with some pretty crappy guys and that he bought the ticket, was kinda a first to me. You know when I casually asked him to come to Utah and see the mountains, I did not for one bit think that he was gonna take me up on my offer. We were just having casual conversation. Then about 2 weeks later I brought it up again, then he was like "when do you want me to come?" I was like "uuuummm let me check my calendar and get back to you". Seriously I had to check my calendar coz I was planning a trip to Vegas with my girls and i needed them to tell me when they planned to go. So I told him that the first or the second week of August would work for me. So like all the other guys, I thought this trip was gonna be postponed and dragged on for the longest time, then it'd just disappear in thin air.
A week later we were talking and he said something like "Oh I bet that when I come we're gonna have so much fun". I was like, "you're bought your ticket? You're coming here?" He was like "yes" in a 'did you think I was mincing my words' kinda way. So I did not believe him and he e mailed me his itinerary so that I could see for myself.
Indeedly doo, he'd bought it.

So next Thursday my friends. Next Thursday. Hmmmm. I did some grocery shopping, I went to the farmers market. I don't know why I feel so much cooler whenI go to the farmers market. In my head I have it that only the cool people go to the farmers market. That's just a random thought.

What I have planed. A picnic for the two of us. It'll be up on the mountains so that it's magical. He'd like that- I expect, knowing MN is as flat as a pancake.Mountains will do him good. You know, when you're so close to the mountains (like I am) It reminds you to remain humble, that you haven't conquered all. They are so gigantic and breathtaking. I still feel small when I stand below the mountains. They keep me grounded. So anyway, picnic in the canyons. Then we'll go to the Sundance Resort for sight seeing and possibly take the ski lifts to the top of the mountains. It's very romantic. We might spend all day Friday there, and if he falls in love with the place, we might stay for an outdoor play- The Fantastiks - is playing up there in the outdoor amphitheater.
Saturday, I'll have brunch at my place so that he can meet some close friends and later go to the outlets in Park City. We might drive through the Alpine loop (very scenic) and get out through American Fork Canyon.
Also I might take him and Kris (my buddy) to Cabelas. Its the number 1 tourist attraction in the state, as I recently found out. That'll show him how much of a redneck state Utah is. Oh, and very right wing.

Well, that and other things. basically, I intend to show him the outdoors. I'll tell you how his stay was and I hope to have a magical time :)

later :*