Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving weekend

So today is Saturday of thanksgiving weekend. I stayed home really just chillaxing. I did not do anything very important or life changing. I've been working on The Mixer (I'll talk about it later on) and watched the last 30 minutes of the BYU- UTAH game. Sadly UTAH won :(. BYU had a good lead until the last 5 minutes of the game when UTAH scored a touch down.

So now I'm having a quiet evening inside, drinking a beer after having eaten left overs from yesterday's dinner, and well, telling you about it.

Let me start with yesterday's dinner. It was LEGEN....wait for it...DARY! Yes, true Barney Stinson style. I've been watching too much of "How I met your mother".
My friends came thru last night. I cooked all day but seeing all those faces enjoying the food made it all worth it. I had 11 people come through and we had a great time. Everyone got along very well and the Lakers- Jazz game went according to plan. Yes, the Jazz won. It was AWESOME!
Conversation was easy and I really enjoyed myself. The everflowing wine also made me quite the happy camper.

I like to entertain and love it when people come together and just have a good time.
Thank you Lord for giving us a good evening.



True to my nature, I like to get people together.
The story starts....

One Sunday evening I invited the girls to my place for an evening of food, wine and conversation. It was another one of those LEGENDARY evenings that seemed like an arranged sit-in. Everyone had such an amazing time that noone wanted to leave.
We started talking about how rough it is dating in Salt Lake City. Honestly, and I'm not exerggerating, it is exhausting! We talked about how the bars and clubs have lost their appeal and how we would much rather stay in on Saturday nights. Then we felt bad because, what good comes from staying in, really? So we devised plans of how we were gonna go where single people are. We arranged to go to the Real Salt Lake soccer game, and other exciting things.

My friend Liz and I started talking about getting all the single people together in one place; because I felt like single people were "missing" each other. Let me explain. The single girl will go to the bookstore (true story lol) and the guy will go to the bar. Or, the guy will go to the soccer game and the girl will go to Home Depot. You get my flow?

So that's how the MIXER was born. We want to create an event where all the single people will converge in one place and no inhibitions or reservations. Everyone in there will be single.

So the plans have been in the works for two months now. Next weekend is the big day. December 4th. We hope to get as many diverse singles as possible. The MIXER is an exclusive event for only young single professionals. Absolutely no bums allowed. We wanted to go a step up from bars and clubs so we preselected our guests on the basis of professionalism.
I really hope and pray that it goes well.
I will update next weekend after the mixer to tell you how great it was.

Wish us all luck!