Saturday, September 5, 2009

1st week down. yay!

This is the beginning of the end. HELLO! watch out!

So first week of school is done, and I'm so grateful for the long weekend. Labor day weekend. Classes were ok and I've received so much advisement (from my major advisers) that I think I'm advised out.
Now I think I've decided to go into international agricultural development. The downside of this new venture is that I'm not sure how easy it'll be to get my foot in the door. But if this doesn't work out (I pray it works out) I'll have to look for a job in industry and work work work work.

I thought I would take this women's studies class- just the intro class but I think not. I changed my mind on Thursday and decided to take intro to International development. Sorry Dr. Hyer.

Chemistry is kind of ok. I'm really scared. I need to pass Biochem and O chem. My heart does a flatter when I think of this. I'm scared as hell. That reminds me I need to do a reading for the class.

I've been kind of depressed. Maybe its anxiety coz I don't have a definite plan of what next. I'm really anxious and I'm eating A LOT! I can't stop eating! you know when you EAT after you've just EATEN and you still can't stop EATING because you know you just ATE... it's like that. and I don't wanna be fat :( oh my i'm in trouble. Now I feel like food- again!
He is worried that something is bothering me because I don't sound as excited as I used to be. Sorry honey, such is life.

I went for a mid week visit to the mall and got cute shoes for school.

I just found out that I lost my wallet. Shame! I'm worried.

I'll be going to a party later on tonight. Yay! I need a drink... no, drinks.

Peace out yall. I'll write more later on.