Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Channel 5 Camera crew! Whaaaat??

Today at work, ksl news crew showed up wanting to talk about the 're-usable grocery bags' issue.

I was totally unprepared. No make-up, hair not done, yeah, just my regular self. I hardly ever wear make-up.

So the issue is that people are concerned that their grocery bags contain Lead. So they are going to do a news thing about that.

I get to be on tv!!! YAAAY!

If they ever notify us on when it will air, I will post the video.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was awesome and Wholesome. I enjoyed myself.

My friend Mo and I went to Orem to visit Christine and have Christmas with her. It was nice to get out of Salt lake and being in Happy Valley brought a lot of fond memories :)

We had a Christmas dinner on Saturday, nothing like good Kenyan cooking :) There were chapatis, pilau rice, stew and roasted rosemary chicken. YUM! that's all I got to say.

After dinner we played games- UNO, then a game of cards, then finally Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.
We found out that we're really not smarter. haha

I should find that game to play it with my work friends, it was tons of fun.

I got nice presents. My roomie gave me a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream and a bottle of wine :) :)

And these soft plush slippers

but I had grown tired (more like worn out) my old ones and a week before Christmas I bought myself these pink ones. I have saved the brown ones for special occasions, like when I travel :)

Also from my roomie, this 15$ iTunes gift card :) :) please don't stop the music!!!

Christine got me this photo album

and Christine's friend (well my friend too) Bahati got me this picture frame

So there are my gifts! I loved them all, and the others that I got. I love my friends and I'm glad that they enjoyed the stuff I got them.

I'm enjoying this (blogging) and now that I'm adding pictures to my posts, I'm thoroughly enjoying blogging. It's fun to write.

I've enjoyed 4 days off from work. Now tomorrow is getting back to the grind, yay!

I've been invited to a New Year's bash already. Now how I'm I supposed to focus on work the next 3 days??
It's a house party, just what I feel like doing. I'm not in the Wild Party mood this year.
I wanna keep the holidays WHOLESOME.

Happy New Year 2011 and I'll see you on the other side!

Peace and Blessin's!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Women Hold Up Half The Sky

Today I went in to work. I fought the urge to just stay at home. It's a Saturday and the last 3 days have been exhausting. I really just wanted to have my weekend.

But having my weekend would have meant that next week would be stressful because there was some work that kinda needed to be done today. It's still not complete, but my good friend Elijah will pick it up tomorrow.

During my downtime at work (I had to reduce 6mLs of conc. HNO3 to 0.5mL, yeah, that was alot of waiting) I started googling and facebooking. So naturally I e mailed a few friends and checked up on others to see what they were up to. Facebook is a window to someone's life :-/

On my friend Judy's wall was something called Akirachix. Naturally I tried to see if there's was anymore mention of Akirachix but there wasn't sufficient info so I googled.

Lo and Behold, my friend is doing amazing things. I was glued to my desktop, completely zoned-in on Akirachix. The website is a monument of information and it's just beautiful the work these girls are doing. You can tell that they obviously like, no, LOVE what they do.

I'm really proud of Judy and her team. I'm still reading on.

Check out Akirachix here.

Go Galz!

good ol' muzik

So last night I was listening to some good Kenyan music. Mostly acapella from the group Pentamony. I was crazy about them back when I was in high school. Well, myself and other several thousand teenage girls.

Here is what they're upto these days. I'm very impressed.

SautiSol is another group that I really like. I bought their music on iTunes!

Monday, December 13, 2010


Today I changed the title of my blog. From "Strength of a Woman" to "We sometimes know, and then not".

That is essentially my life. I sometimes know and then not!
Plain and simple.

I don't like it when people ask me what my plans are for the future. I really don't know. I have a general map, like ball-park figure of what I envision my future to be like, but the intricate details are not worked out yet.

I took up LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME earlier this year. Yes, things were hazy but by Grace I came out ok.

I'm watching the Lifetime movie network "Marry Me" with Lucy Liu.

She's super cute in it.She has 3 men wanting to marry her. Really? She falls in love with this amazingly charming guy. I want a guy like that. I know half of that stuff doesn't happen in real life, but a girl can dream.

My day was ok. Nothing unusual. Oh there was something! My boss gave me a false sense of "specialness" by sending me an e mail asking if I wanted to paricipate in a company sponsored AIHA (American Industrial Hygiene Association) membership and be committed to their activities (quaterly luncheons). At first I thought that AIHA was some sort of Minority program and I was like here we go again, but was secretly pleased. So I googled AIHA before I answered him. Well, turns out it's industrial hygiene stuff. It still felt good coz the e mial was just to me. It did not show that he had e mailed a bunch of people. Ya! he had e mailed a few of us. So the special feeling went like BLLLUP! gone!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Move to the center, towards the sky and wind, towards silent knowing

Silent knowing...

How I wish that I was in that place.
Even though my life has quieted down a huge deal, I still would like a silent, quiet place. Not just the physical and interactional quietness (if such a word exists) but emotional, and spiritual quietness.
i would prefer to have only the Spirit of the Most High speak.

and just have the rest be quiet.

I wish for silent knowing.

Silent knowing.
i don't want to brag, or complain.
i want to revel in the present.
The everyday blessings i see.
and silently, quietly, give THANKS.

Silent knowing.
knowing that HE controls everything.
knowing that i don't have to WORRY.

Silent knowing.
It's knowing that there's a PROMISE.
knowing that it will be ALL worth it.
knowing that i will appreciate the pain.

Silent knowing.
It's giving thanks.
It's celebrating that not yet realized victory.

Silent Knowing.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Legendary Mixer

So the Mixer event was last night!

I was pretty stoked about it, actually I'm pretty stoked about how it turned out. There were a lot of people and they had a really good time. I'm so glad that we decided to do it. There were a lot of guys, more than girls. I think the ratio was like 2 boys to 1 girl. Refreshing huh?

The guys seemed to have a good time and I liked that very much. The caliber of guys that came was top notch yet very down to earth. They did not seem to mind the African girls in the group.

Most people actually thought that this was something that had been going on for a while. They were asking when the next one would be and if we had the Mixer every month. It was so humbling to see how well it was received.

So the girls are planning to do a New Year's bash. It's still under consideration and we're yet to hear from people about their thoughts on that.

I'm very thankful to God for blessing us with such a good inaugural event.

Have a nice week everyone.