Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was awesome and Wholesome. I enjoyed myself.

My friend Mo and I went to Orem to visit Christine and have Christmas with her. It was nice to get out of Salt lake and being in Happy Valley brought a lot of fond memories :)

We had a Christmas dinner on Saturday, nothing like good Kenyan cooking :) There were chapatis, pilau rice, stew and roasted rosemary chicken. YUM! that's all I got to say.

After dinner we played games- UNO, then a game of cards, then finally Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.
We found out that we're really not smarter. haha

I should find that game to play it with my work friends, it was tons of fun.

I got nice presents. My roomie gave me a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream and a bottle of wine :) :)

And these soft plush slippers

but I had grown tired (more like worn out) my old ones and a week before Christmas I bought myself these pink ones. I have saved the brown ones for special occasions, like when I travel :)

Also from my roomie, this 15$ iTunes gift card :) :) please don't stop the music!!!

Christine got me this photo album

and Christine's friend (well my friend too) Bahati got me this picture frame

So there are my gifts! I loved them all, and the others that I got. I love my friends and I'm glad that they enjoyed the stuff I got them.

I'm enjoying this (blogging) and now that I'm adding pictures to my posts, I'm thoroughly enjoying blogging. It's fun to write.

I've enjoyed 4 days off from work. Now tomorrow is getting back to the grind, yay!

I've been invited to a New Year's bash already. Now how I'm I supposed to focus on work the next 3 days??
It's a house party, just what I feel like doing. I'm not in the Wild Party mood this year.
I wanna keep the holidays WHOLESOME.

Happy New Year 2011 and I'll see you on the other side!

Peace and Blessin's!