Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy March Madness and St.Patrick's day!

I got my bracket picks done today. I'm doing a challenge with my workmates. The ultimate prize is 50$ gift certificate, and bragging rights for a year. I'd like to have a shot at this year's madness. So last night I spent about 2 hours studying team stats and comparing former NCAA tournaments.

My southwest picks are all losing :( so depressing.

Today at work we had corned beef and cabbage lunch. It was good! My first time having an Irish style meal. I don't plan to go anywhere tonight, just chill and watch college basketball.

Hopefully my other picks keep doing well. Duke all the way! Louisville let me down major! It was an ambitious choice on my part, but i had faith.

Let the madness continue....


Bwoy! It's March already. Days seem to be creeping up on me. I don't know how many times I would say to myself that I'll update my blog but without fail, something that's more important would come up. Like doing my nails, making a sandwich, cleaning my room... blah blah, you catch my drift. It's funny how I'll throw committments to the back burner, I remember that from college days- homework etc.

So, what did I do in all of Fabulous February?

Well, 2nd weekend I went to Las Vegas for the USA Sevens Rugby Tournament. It was amazing! It was my first time in a rugby game. I'd always wanted to be part of the fanfare shouting, cheering, drinking beer, holaring! yeah, all that deal :)
The Kenyan team played really well, better than I expected. I was super torn when Kenya played All Blacks of NewZealand. Talk about decisions coming down to the wire, serious crisis moment right there! After putting up a good fight, Kenya lost and then it was All Hail All Blacks! haha.
The fan festival consisted of various parties on the LV strip. It was good partying with my Kenyan peoples :) Refreshing to hear Kenyan music blasting from the speakers, which made me realize how "behind" I was on Ke music. It was embarassing that the songs that got me jumping on the dance floor were songs more than 5 years old, and good old American Top 40. haha.

Vegas was fab, and then I came home.

I've been cooking a lot. Trying different recipes and adding flair to old dishes.

(I have tried unsuccessfully to upload a slide show of one of my recipes. i'm almost giving up... i'll keep trying).

Monday, January 17, 2011

Know thyself

Today I gave in to my curiosity of Kate Middleton, the Princess-to-be (engaged to Prince William). I was like who is this Kate girl? I'd heard snippets of information that she is a normal girl, really, a regular Joe (or Jo in this case).
Why am I showing up late to this party? Well, I have been engrossed in Aarti Sequeira's world :)

I watched this video of their first press interview.

Don't they look cute together? They seem so comfortable around and about each other. Prince William is especially protective of her, finishing her sentences when she gets stuck answering. Obviously, he is used to being in the limelight and giving interviews. Eloquent and intriguing.

They talked about their breakup after university. Kate said something that I liked. She said that looking back, she values that time they spent apart because she got to listen to herself. She matured and came back into the relationship a better person, a stronger person. I also like that "she is a girl" and admitted that it SUCKED!

We all feel that way after breakups. It got me thinking that I should appreciate my time alone. I need to work on my relationship with God- to be closer to Him. Faith is the center of my life. Everything in my life revolves around my faith. It's hard to share my convictions with someone who is jaded (sometimes through no fault of their own) when it's such a significant factor. I feel that only after my relationship with Him is on track, then can I venture into human (boy) relationships.

It's hard because every time I see the enticing advertisement on tv I wanna quickly sign up for online dating. I will however resist the urge and stick it out hoping to understand myself completely. I hope to be clear about what's important in my future relationships, what I'd want to give in a relationship and what I would like in the other person.

In other news, I made delicious fish tacos! I put my twist on Aarti's fish tacos.

So here's to Knowing Thyself!


Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm back, I think, I mean.

First off

 Happy New Year!

It's 2011 y'all. I'm excited for another year. I'm anxious to see all the new things, new people, new experiences, and every thing new 2011 will have. I celebrated NYE at a friend's house and I made a new friend! How very New Year's Evey is that?

She's a fabulous lady with a fabulous name- Majda! I love saying that name. Majda, Majda, Majda :) haha
I hope we get to hang out since she's really a kind and gracious lady.

New Years day was unfortunately a lowly day for me. Loneliness got the best of me and I cried from missing my family. I however prayed and got better. I said this prayer from The Book of Common Prayer. It's a prayer For Those Who Live Alone:

Almighty God, whose Son had nowhere to lay his head:
Grant that those who live alone may not be lonely in their solitude, but that, following in his steps, they may find fulfillment in loving you and their neighbors, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

After saying this prayer I was hugely comforted and I kid you not, I haven't felt lonely since that night :)
God is good to me!

So yesterday I was watching The Food Network. I watched an episode of Aarti Party. She is awesome and she lights up the screen. I like her chuckle, and her food looks amazing. I checked out her blog and it is amazing. She is so personal and her posts very uplifting. For being on TV, she's a very normal person.

Reading through her stuff got me in a cooking frenzy. Now I'm psyched to try out new recipes again. I was down and out for a minute, but now I think I'm getting better.
I'm looking through my recipe book and thinking about ways to make my recipes better.

Cooking has for a long time been a measure of my Mental State. When I'm in high spirits, baby I can cook up a whole world! That hasn't been the case for a while. But now Njeri's back! WooHoo! so watch out y'all.

I'm even tempted to start a food blog :)

Happy 2011!


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Channel 5 Camera crew! Whaaaat??

Today at work, ksl news crew showed up wanting to talk about the 're-usable grocery bags' issue.

I was totally unprepared. No make-up, hair not done, yeah, just my regular self. I hardly ever wear make-up.

So the issue is that people are concerned that their grocery bags contain Lead. So they are going to do a news thing about that.

I get to be on tv!!! YAAAY!

If they ever notify us on when it will air, I will post the video.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was awesome and Wholesome. I enjoyed myself.

My friend Mo and I went to Orem to visit Christine and have Christmas with her. It was nice to get out of Salt lake and being in Happy Valley brought a lot of fond memories :)

We had a Christmas dinner on Saturday, nothing like good Kenyan cooking :) There were chapatis, pilau rice, stew and roasted rosemary chicken. YUM! that's all I got to say.

After dinner we played games- UNO, then a game of cards, then finally Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader.
We found out that we're really not smarter. haha

I should find that game to play it with my work friends, it was tons of fun.

I got nice presents. My roomie gave me a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream and a bottle of wine :) :)

And these soft plush slippers

but I had grown tired (more like worn out) my old ones and a week before Christmas I bought myself these pink ones. I have saved the brown ones for special occasions, like when I travel :)

Also from my roomie, this 15$ iTunes gift card :) :) please don't stop the music!!!

Christine got me this photo album

and Christine's friend (well my friend too) Bahati got me this picture frame

So there are my gifts! I loved them all, and the others that I got. I love my friends and I'm glad that they enjoyed the stuff I got them.

I'm enjoying this (blogging) and now that I'm adding pictures to my posts, I'm thoroughly enjoying blogging. It's fun to write.

I've enjoyed 4 days off from work. Now tomorrow is getting back to the grind, yay!

I've been invited to a New Year's bash already. Now how I'm I supposed to focus on work the next 3 days??
It's a house party, just what I feel like doing. I'm not in the Wild Party mood this year.
I wanna keep the holidays WHOLESOME.

Happy New Year 2011 and I'll see you on the other side!

Peace and Blessin's!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Women Hold Up Half The Sky

Today I went in to work. I fought the urge to just stay at home. It's a Saturday and the last 3 days have been exhausting. I really just wanted to have my weekend.

But having my weekend would have meant that next week would be stressful because there was some work that kinda needed to be done today. It's still not complete, but my good friend Elijah will pick it up tomorrow.

During my downtime at work (I had to reduce 6mLs of conc. HNO3 to 0.5mL, yeah, that was alot of waiting) I started googling and facebooking. So naturally I e mailed a few friends and checked up on others to see what they were up to. Facebook is a window to someone's life :-/

On my friend Judy's wall was something called Akirachix. Naturally I tried to see if there's was anymore mention of Akirachix but there wasn't sufficient info so I googled.

Lo and Behold, my friend is doing amazing things. I was glued to my desktop, completely zoned-in on Akirachix. The website is a monument of information and it's just beautiful the work these girls are doing. You can tell that they obviously like, no, LOVE what they do.

I'm really proud of Judy and her team. I'm still reading on.

Check out Akirachix here.

Go Galz!