Monday, January 17, 2011

Know thyself

Today I gave in to my curiosity of Kate Middleton, the Princess-to-be (engaged to Prince William). I was like who is this Kate girl? I'd heard snippets of information that she is a normal girl, really, a regular Joe (or Jo in this case).
Why am I showing up late to this party? Well, I have been engrossed in Aarti Sequeira's world :)

I watched this video of their first press interview.

Don't they look cute together? They seem so comfortable around and about each other. Prince William is especially protective of her, finishing her sentences when she gets stuck answering. Obviously, he is used to being in the limelight and giving interviews. Eloquent and intriguing.

They talked about their breakup after university. Kate said something that I liked. She said that looking back, she values that time they spent apart because she got to listen to herself. She matured and came back into the relationship a better person, a stronger person. I also like that "she is a girl" and admitted that it SUCKED!

We all feel that way after breakups. It got me thinking that I should appreciate my time alone. I need to work on my relationship with God- to be closer to Him. Faith is the center of my life. Everything in my life revolves around my faith. It's hard to share my convictions with someone who is jaded (sometimes through no fault of their own) when it's such a significant factor. I feel that only after my relationship with Him is on track, then can I venture into human (boy) relationships.

It's hard because every time I see the enticing advertisement on tv I wanna quickly sign up for online dating. I will however resist the urge and stick it out hoping to understand myself completely. I hope to be clear about what's important in my future relationships, what I'd want to give in a relationship and what I would like in the other person.

In other news, I made delicious fish tacos! I put my twist on Aarti's fish tacos.

So here's to Knowing Thyself!