Saturday, December 18, 2010

Women Hold Up Half The Sky

Today I went in to work. I fought the urge to just stay at home. It's a Saturday and the last 3 days have been exhausting. I really just wanted to have my weekend.

But having my weekend would have meant that next week would be stressful because there was some work that kinda needed to be done today. It's still not complete, but my good friend Elijah will pick it up tomorrow.

During my downtime at work (I had to reduce 6mLs of conc. HNO3 to 0.5mL, yeah, that was alot of waiting) I started googling and facebooking. So naturally I e mailed a few friends and checked up on others to see what they were up to. Facebook is a window to someone's life :-/

On my friend Judy's wall was something called Akirachix. Naturally I tried to see if there's was anymore mention of Akirachix but there wasn't sufficient info so I googled.

Lo and Behold, my friend is doing amazing things. I was glued to my desktop, completely zoned-in on Akirachix. The website is a monument of information and it's just beautiful the work these girls are doing. You can tell that they obviously like, no, LOVE what they do.

I'm really proud of Judy and her team. I'm still reading on.

Check out Akirachix here.

Go Galz!


Judith said...

Thank Njeri for that word of encouragement! I am really glad that you like what we are doing, thanks for posting it on your blog too. We ride on the strength of women like you who support us....women hold up half the sky :-)

Njeri said...

Keep it up Judith!