Saturday, August 15, 2009

Art and Crafts

In primary school we had to learn art and crafts. I hated it then because I saw no need to study it. I wanted to study medical science or engineering or the law, courses my parents and many African parents would have their children do. So from a young age I grew up thinking that the Arts:- music, painting and sculpture were for "losers" (for lack of a better word).

Only in my college years did I start loving the arts, and discovered that I'm very artistic. I love to create, I love to create something from nothing. I really enjoy art history, and it was my best class in college. Forget biotechnology- I still want to save the world and I still kind of love what I'm studying (and will graduate in) but I'd love if I got to explore my artistic side and develop it further.

These are some of the things I've made recently:

I know that they're not much to brag about but when I made them I felt really pleased with myself.
The little card is made out of a magazine cover that I cut out. It was a Christmas edition so it was perfect for a wedding gift card.

The gift wrapper is for a box of chocolates a loved one bought me not too long ago. It has 'spring-y' colors and was perfect to wrap a summer wedding gift. The ribbon too is from the chocolates.

The gift is a picture frame I bought long time ago but it's been sitting in my house for so long since I stopped developing hard copies of my pictures. I really need to free my camera off the pictures (but who has time) right?
I thought the newly wedded couple will out it to better use.

The earring holder I made out of a picture frame that was falling apart. So the frame is metallic and the cloth where the earrings are hanging out of, was from ribbons from a Christmas basket (you notice they're shinny kind of). I stapled the cloth at the bottom (where the frame is standing on). The cloth goes over on the other side and I staple it at the bottom where the cloths meet.

I'll upload more pictures of my crafts as I continue to make them. School starts soon and so that means I'll step up my crafts production. who wants to study when you can make crafts?

Have a 'crafty' day :)