Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's 1:44 am and I'm so random at this hour

Random things about Njeri

I absolutely love the internet. I cannot remember life without Google. I spend considerable amounts of life on the net- not sure what I do.

I love food network, Yes, yes…cooking shows make me so happy. My favorite is Rachel Ray. Also I love to experiment with food.

I give people nick-names! Haha yes, I meet new people and by the 3rd or 4th time I meet them, I’ve shortened their names and made them cuter. Example- Chelsea- Chels, Rachel- Raych etc

I like being around people, my friend thinks I’m need y. I’m very restless when alone, I don’t like it.

I keep friends for a loooong time. I’m the one who always reaches out to estranged friends to rekindle old friendships.

Biology- love it. Somehow it makes sense to me.

Art, oh yes, art is my most favorite thing. I wonder why I’m not an Art history major. I absolutely love it that I took the class twice (well, different versions of it).

Pictures touch my heartstrings.

Music…live music is Oh So Amazing.

I’m slightly OCD when it comes to cleaning. I want it done perfectly.

I was kicked out of the school choir in 2nd grade because the teacher couldn’t ‘place’ my voice. I feel bad when I think about it. I mean- I was 8 yrs old!

My kids will have voice lessons early in their lives, also play at least one instrument.

I know I’ll fall in love deeply someday and I’ll have an amazing family of my own.

I want to travel to Italy and Spain, just to experience their food and culture.

I look for the good in everyone; I dig it out no matter how deep it’s lodged.

Currently, I wanna be done with school. I’m so tired.

I think at this time in my life I’m more confident than I’ve ever been. I’m exerting myself more than ever. I love the new me.

I hardly ever sweat the small stuff. It’s just small stuff.

I love my mommy more than anything or anyone (God 1st).

My brothers and sisters are my loves! They support me through everything.

I love colors- beautiful colors.

I gravitate towards what other people think is weird. What are people like me called? I mean I like odd stuff- be it paintings, clothes, jewelry etc. I get an instant connection with things like these.

I don’t like shopping- it takes too much time and energy. I shop when I have to (when my pants are wearing out, or tops have gone through the washer a million times). When I shop for leisure, I do so at bath and body works, I like that store.

I love tea- real tea. Oh, and apple cider!

I hope to one day own and run my restaurant. I have the name penned out already.

Blogging…there’s my little world where it’s all about me!

Glamour magazine- everything I need, what can I say: G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!

I love and terribly miss my bff Lu. She is my person.