Sunday, January 25, 2009

Reality...or is it just TV?

Recently I watched a reality TV show that a friend and I have come to enjoy. These men were really treating their women badly, and I mean really hurtful to their women. For instance, one of the guys was being reprimanded because he could not stay faithful to his girlfriend whom he had brought onto the show. Moments later, a lady walks in the ‘therapy room’ as they call it claiming to be said guy’s (or tool in this case) girlfriend of 6 years. Yes, I know- I was on the edge of my seat too. I could not believe what I was seeing.

Maybe I take reality TV too seriously. It’s entertaining for sure. But are we glorifying societies’ idiocies and wrongdoings and giving them too much airtime- more than they deserve?

A few examples…

When girls act with crass, they’re sent to a CHARM SCHOOL. Really, don’t you think if you’re charmless in your mid 20s or in your 3os you’re a done deal? What’s charm for after you’ve lived out half of your days? Not all the girls succeed, some try (I think), but others flank out of intended schooling only to land a spot in another reality show. Still acting charmless!

Schools and academies seem to be forming all over the place. TOOL ACADEMY. These guys are honest tools, for real. If they lived in another civilization, they’d be punished by death and not by being eliminated from tool academy. They disrespect women and somehow get away with it. Those who show little improvement are given a Tool Badge of Merit. Yes, a badge of merit.

Now, if you’re having trouble finding love, true love, how about having some 25 random Americans (they have some foreigners there too now) come and try, no, fight to win your heart? Sweet deal huh? The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, I love NewYork, Flavaflav, and others I haven’t mentioned, but I know you catch my drift.

Let’s talk fashion. No offense to Tyra but she tells girls in her talk show that it’s ok to have a healthy body, that they shouldn’t conform to the standards set by fashion magazines. That it’s ok to be size 8, 10, 12 etc. Be comfortable in your own skin. Really? Why then do the girls in AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL have the pressure to remain a size 0, 1, 2? Remember also that Tyra gained mad weight to emphasize a point? Then they make a ‘plus size’ model one of the season winners. She was a size 4! How about making a size 10 the season winner? Huh Tyra?

The APPRENTICE, how we love to see what’s his face make people feel inadequate.

AMERICAN IDOL. I really enjoy this show, Simon Cowell ridiculing budding singers. Some of them really need a dose of Simon Cowell and be restricted to singing only in the privacy of their own homes- like me.

HELL’S KITCHEN- I wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near that man. He’s a sad, sad man.

THE REAL WORLD. Is it really?