Thursday, May 7, 2009

mm mm mm the drama that is my life

Hiiiii I'm back! missed ya for a hot minute :-) So anyway, winter semester is over and boy did it give me an ass wooping! I'm glad its over, then i'm looking forward to the only 2 classes left till I graduate- the 2 chemistry classes. woohoo! I'm stoked. NOT. I don't remember if I told you how much I suck at Chemistry. High school chem was doable, not my fav thing but doable.

Anyhoo, I all winter semester I was excited at the thought of moving into this cute apartment next door to where I was living. I did not like my roommates for the 2008 school yr. They did not have a sense of cleanliness. I spent more time cleaning and keeping that apt tidy than I did anything else. So I was really looking forward to moving. The basement apt we were moving to was owned by a lady that I knew from my church. She seemed cool and was cutting us a deal and so I found 2 other girls to live with me.

Spring set in with showers, as it always is in Utah. Oh by the way I think I have a boyfriend??? I'll get back to that in a bit. My 2 good friends were graduating and so there was excitement for that. One of the girls I have known her since way back when, and her mum got to come form her graduation. I was so happy for her and to see her mum. Namesake is the other one who graduated, I love her and I was happy that she was achieving great things in her life. She has moved to Nevada and that makes me sad, but I realize that life has to move on and people have to find jobs. Thanks to the bad economy.


I'm back (again) haha. I discovered this post. I had saved it and not looked at it for a long time. So I moved into the cute apartment. Moving was hectic...I forgot how much moving sucks and how much I hate it. Thankfully my co-worker helped me with moving the big boxes. Why do I hoard stuff? I'm the worst in getting rid of stuff but I'm working on it. Anyway I moved in with my then roomie who is from the same country as I and another girl from Canada who is my friend's girlfriend. There was drama with the landlord- turns out the poor girl couldn't pay rent or deposit so the owner kicked her out. It was terrible and I felt bad for her. She is my friend and I did not want to sabotage living in this cute apartment. I had worked so hard for it and nobody was gonna ruin it for me. Anyway that's done, girl moved out, and I think our friendship (hers, her boyfriend and mine) kinda suffered. I log off fb chat every time I see them on there. Oh well, what was she thinking? We might...might pick up where we left off.

So the boyfriend news. That's a funny one. As is, I have another bf (see most recent post) and I like him a lot. Anyway, this one that I thought I had here was a LOSER. First off he's from remote Africa. The kind they show on national geographic. But knowing me, I'm very accepting and i like a good challenge. I decided I was gonna give lionboy (as me and my girls call him now) a chance. we call him lionboy coz he killed a lion when he was 12 (??) as part of his tribe's initiation ritual. This really fascinated me. I had heard that they do that but I've been lying to my American friends who are familiar with this practice that it doesn't exist anymore coz of animal rights. (Talk of being Americanized). So, they still kill lions for initiation into adulthood.
So lionboy and I were in some sort of relationship. He was interesting and looking back I think I was fascinated by his life experiences more than I liked the idea of us. Honestly, if he hadn't killed a lion, I wouldn't have given him 2 minutes of my time. So this lion killing business drew me to him and we started something. Didn't last for long! Lionboy tried to pull an MIA on me! Sorry luv, but been there done that. You know the whole, he doesn't call or return calls and/or texts...and I could've gone to where he works and ask to talk to him. Boy, be a little original. So I ignore him and one day I call him coz I wanted to give him a piece of my mind. He picks up the phone and after we exchange pleasantries (NOT) he tells me that he was gonna call me back, that he wanted to get home first. I was like ok, and he never called. Next day I call him, he doesn't pick up.

So I text him and tell him that he's being very unoriginal and that he should man up and tell me whats going on. If he doesn't want to be with me he should just come out and say it. I reminded him that he was dealing with a woman, and not a teenage girl. Went on to tell him that whatever it was, I was sure to have been there, done that, read the book, watched the movie, bought the T-shirt. I ended the text by telling him that he wasn't what I was looking for and that he doesn't have to crawl under a rock when he sees me next. People break up all the time. Its not a new phenomenon.

So later, he confides in my roommate and tells her that I overwhelmed him! That was the funniest ish for days. Still is. My friend Kris jokes about it every time i meet a new guy. She's careful to warn me NOT TO OVERWHELM THE GUY. lol lol. Ok Mr.I-Cannot-Use-A-Cellphone-I-Didnot-Grow-Up -With-One...(yeah me too, but I got one and learned how to use it) I hope he finds an unimpressive woman since he doesn't do overwhelming.