Thursday, March 17, 2011


Bwoy! It's March already. Days seem to be creeping up on me. I don't know how many times I would say to myself that I'll update my blog but without fail, something that's more important would come up. Like doing my nails, making a sandwich, cleaning my room... blah blah, you catch my drift. It's funny how I'll throw committments to the back burner, I remember that from college days- homework etc.

So, what did I do in all of Fabulous February?

Well, 2nd weekend I went to Las Vegas for the USA Sevens Rugby Tournament. It was amazing! It was my first time in a rugby game. I'd always wanted to be part of the fanfare shouting, cheering, drinking beer, holaring! yeah, all that deal :)
The Kenyan team played really well, better than I expected. I was super torn when Kenya played All Blacks of NewZealand. Talk about decisions coming down to the wire, serious crisis moment right there! After putting up a good fight, Kenya lost and then it was All Hail All Blacks! haha.
The fan festival consisted of various parties on the LV strip. It was good partying with my Kenyan peoples :) Refreshing to hear Kenyan music blasting from the speakers, which made me realize how "behind" I was on Ke music. It was embarassing that the songs that got me jumping on the dance floor were songs more than 5 years old, and good old American Top 40. haha.

Vegas was fab, and then I came home.

I've been cooking a lot. Trying different recipes and adding flair to old dishes.

(I have tried unsuccessfully to upload a slide show of one of my recipes. i'm almost giving up... i'll keep trying).