Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and other findings....

Hello there. Been a miute right? Well I've been busy reading books, magazines, pamphlets, journals, publications etc. Just reading- that's what I do best. I wish I read this much during college. I read better for fun. I'm sure the Barnes and Noble employees have noticed the many hours I spend at the bookstore. I love it there, so much that I'll spend over 4 hours in the bookstore reading different things.

I've read so many magazines and now I know of approx. 100 ways to please my man, and how to land the perfect gentleman. I've also read about why men love bitches. I've read about the 250 job interview questions most asked and the answers to get you the job. I've read about how Ivanka Trump's achieved success and basically how the Trumps roll blah blah blah :p

What else have I read??? There is so much I cannot remember it all now.

Valentine's Day is today. Happy Valentine's Day. It was a good day. I got flowers yesterday from Mr. Man. They were gorgeous and the message on the card was sweet. I absolutely loved them. Funny (or not so funny) thing is that Mr. Man had convinced me that he wasn't going to get me anything for Valentne's Day. I was straight up bummed. But later he said that he had to tell me that so that I wouldn't ruin the surprise. Yesterday was a happy day, I was animatedly excited. Thanks babe for the flowers:)
I got him a book. I hope he'll like it. I think he will, and a Valentine's Day card.

Now on other news.
I still haven't found a job yet. But this hiring agency says that there shouldn't be any problems finding me one. They say that there have been openings lately.

Other findings:

Men Love bitches!

no I didn't know that.

If you (a lady) treat yourself as a prize, he will become a believer and will treat you as a prize. I learned that from the book "Why men love bitches". The book says that men don't like 'nice' girls. Girls who give too much of themselves to a guy or a relationship.

I did not read vey much of it. Some of the ideas they have there of how to be a bitch are straight-up exhausting. They will require tons of energy (for me, atleast!)
Plus I am not like that. I'M NOT A BITCH and would not be even if I tried. I am a nice person. I don't like to play games, actually, I don't know how to.


I'm listening to Joss Stone's 4 and 20 hours. It's such a lovely song. She is an amazing soul singer. I put her in the ranks of Alicia Keys.

I watched the star studded movie "Valentine's Day". It was cute. Yes just cute. I liked it but it could have been better. Taylor Swift was interesting?? Eric Dane and Bradely Cooper gay couple??? what a waste. (was that the twist?) Julia Roberts didn't talk much. Anne Hathaway was cute. Jennifer Garner was amazing- she did well. Patrick Dempsey- promiscous?? They ruined the perfect man image I had of him (Dr. Shepherd).
Anyhoo. That was my weekend. It was a good weekend.

Peace and blessings :)


Yash said...

happy valentine day dear..though belated...but still we should not lose faith in love through out the year..hope you get your dream job as soon as possible..warm regards from our team.

LaFemme said...

Thank you Yash! Good luck to you also in your endeavors.