Tuesday, June 23, 2009

BIG things and small things

Today at work I was talking to out department secretary. She's a very nice lady. I like her a lot! She's very personable and she has helped me with a lot- time card and all. Every time I get a chance to see her I'm excited and whenI haven't seen her in a long time, I'll pass by to say hi.
Anyway I was telling her that I was planning to go to California in 2 days. She was excited for me genuinely (not that I'm surprised) and we got to talking. I told her that I figured/thought that if I couldn't do the BIG thing (that is traveling back home) I might as well travel through the states! Then she put it in a way that I had to write about it- "If you can't do the BIG things, do the small things". I really liked that. Now, the challenge is to apply that in my life...not to bother with the huge stuff if I can get gratification in small stuff.

On a lighter note: Thinking about it, I may have taken Carolyn's words (the secretary) to heart coz I went to the mall after work and bought some sexy little things from Victoria's secret! hehehe. I've come to like that shop tremendously. Hmmmm Bath and Body Works is in trouble. They don't enjoy my patronage as much these days =(.

So yeah, I'm doing my small thing!
And, I'm so excited for my trip, I'm going with my friend Christine and Hannah will join us there. I think it'll be a lovely time :-)