Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy March Madness and St.Patrick's day!

I got my bracket picks done today. I'm doing a challenge with my workmates. The ultimate prize is 50$ gift certificate, and bragging rights for a year. I'd like to have a shot at this year's madness. So last night I spent about 2 hours studying team stats and comparing former NCAA tournaments.

My southwest picks are all losing :( so depressing.

Today at work we had corned beef and cabbage lunch. It was good! My first time having an Irish style meal. I don't plan to go anywhere tonight, just chill and watch college basketball.

Hopefully my other picks keep doing well. Duke all the way! Louisville let me down major! It was an ambitious choice on my part, but i had faith.

Let the madness continue....


Judith said...

umenyamaza sana