Monday, November 17, 2008


First off, I stopped believing and setting new year resolutions after years of not fulfilling them and being left with feelings of inadequacy. I'm hard on myself, I know, but that's what keeps me going.
I instead have birthday resolutions. Last year my birthday resolutions were to break up with my boyfriend at the time. He had filled my life with so much drama. He had to go. Then I decided to get dreadlocks! Yes, I had one of those feminist, breast taping, bra burning moments. My idea was to take back control of my life from this boy whom I had unknowingly given full control over my life.
This year, one of my b-day resolutions was to write more. I like to write. I'm an introvert and most times my brain is on overdrive with thoughts, ideas and even memories. I though it'd be a good idea if I let these thoughts out. A blog would be nice.
Its now over six months after my birthday and I have created my first blog ever. Facebook was a big one for me. I'm internet shy believe it or not. This evening as I sat in my religion class (I go to a parochial university and so we have to take rel. classes), I started writing a poem. I poured out my feelings on that piece of paper that contained half class notes, half my thoughts.
I got home and I was catching up with one of my favorite bloggers and I decided to just do it (nike).
Here I am. I hope this goes well. I hope to keep you and I entertained with my thoughts, I hope we have a good time in here.