Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 whaaaaat?

Oh yeah. 2009 ended in an anticlimactc way and I bustled into 2010 with awe on my face. New years day was fun. My girls treated me to a masquarade event at a nice upmarket club. It was fun and for a few hours I wasn't stressed.

So it's the third week of January. I graduated and I'm in the process of looking for employment. It has it's hard days and easy days. I moved from Provo and now I'm staying in Salt lake city with a friend (bless her heart)while I job search. The move from Provo was emotional. Leaving the place I'd lived for 5 years. Leaving my little church family (St. Mary's Episcoal church) and my friends was hard. Part of me was happy that I was moving. I did not have very many friends in Provo anymore. I'm surely gonna miss Kris.I do miss her. Since I was in the vestry at St. Mary's, I had my last vestry meeting yesterday and I was able to see my friends ad Kris. I hope to go next Sunday for the annual meeting and I'll have a chance to say goodbye. I love my church family ad I'm going to miss them. They took care of me. Actally one person on Sunday refered to me as one of the moversand shakers that have passed through St. Mary's. They'll always have a special place in my heart. They are irreplacable.

My boyfriend and are still going strong. We're hanging in there and encouraging each other. Not having a job has been a challenge and kinda got us into a big fight couple of weeks ago. It's un-neving and a confusing time. Lord help me through these times.

HAITI. Lord have mercy. I asked myself why such a poor country could face a big catastrophe like that and I cannot explain. We discussed about the earthquake in church and we came (or sort of) to a conclusion that we cannot understand God's ways. We as the Body of Christ however have to pull togther and show love to the people of Haiti. I wish I could do more to help. But I belive prayers are important.
I haven't heard back from my friends that have family there. I pray that they are alright.

2010. I decided I was gonna borrow Alicia Keys' resolution for the new year.I'm going to start the new year with an empty glass, ready to be filled with all the joys,laughter, peoples, travels, experiences etc. that await me.

What??? It's 2010??? I had pictured it differently in my mind. I will however let Him be my guide in this year and years to come.